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  • Experience unsurpassed luxury cruising along the European countryside
  • Enjoy authentic dining with local cuisines and specialities. Uniworld chefs purchase their fresh produce daily, unlike other cruise liners who purchase in bulk for the cruise duration.
  • The ship interiors are unique and authentic in every way, including the original art pieces that are displayed throughout the ship.
  • Explore each port on curated excursions with English-speaking local guides or relax on board with a Signature UNIWORLD lecture based on your journey
  • Go hiking or cycling with a sports guide or expert naturalist, paddle a kayak under an ancient Roman aqueduct, or make use of Nordic walking sticks to explore on your own
  • Pamper yourself with a spa treatment, unwind with a gentle yoga session or simply slip away to the luxury of your beautiful stateroom.
  • Experience service excellence from the staff, all trained to the high standard of the Red Carnation Hotel Group.

The difference is in the details

  • ·Combine the festivities of the holidays in Paris and surrounding towns with the world of royalty, and you'll be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime festive royal journey. 

  • .Discover 10 countries of French history at Chateau La Roche Guyon through your renowned hosts while enjoying wine tasting.

  • Chateau de Bizy, nicknamed the "Versailles of Normandy" lies hidden behind trees that are hundreds of years old, walk through the torch-lit gardens and past breathtaking sculptured gardens to the main reception room, where you'll attend a private chamber music concert.

  • Chateau While at Chateau  de Versailles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful achievements of 18th-century French art, you;ll be taken on a private guided tour of the Hall or Mirrors, Queen and King's chambers and Marie Antoinette's Le Petit Trianon.

  • VISIT: Paris, Vernon, Rouen, Versailles & more!

UNIWORLD'S Parisian Royal Holiday

8-day cruise aboard the S.S. Joie de Vivre, including flights & taxes


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At Pentravel, we're passionate about making people's travel dreams come true! Our team personally visits our top destinations to experience a holiday just like you would. 

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Uniworld's exceptional river cruise experience is unlike anything else world wide. From the incredible service to exceptional port excursions with knowledgeable, local guides, Uniworld puts emphasis on the detail.

Around the World Cruising Luxury

  • A veritable showcase of the best of Central Europe, this new journey is one any culturally curious world traveller will love, featuring old-world capitals and charming towns and villages. 
  • Enjoy a private early-morning viewing of the acclaimed art collection of the Kunstkammer Vienna
  • ideal for first-time river cruisers as well as seasoned travellers seeking to experience yet another dimension of these much-loved destinations.
  • VISIT: Passau, Linz, Melk, Vienna, Budapest and more!

UNIWORLD'S Enchanting Danube 

8-day cruise aboard the S.S. Maria Theresa, including flights & taxes

“This is the ultimate luxury experience; if you want to relax and be taken care of while exploring the world, then this is the cruise for you."
Carina Faulconer
Pentravel Tygervalley
"From dining like a queen to visiting exclusive sites and ports, the Uniworld experience is the ultimate in luxury."
Cleo Geldenhuys
Pentravel Clearwater

Our Travel Experts share their favourite UNIWORLD moments...

Valid: 5 - 14 December 2020
(ask us for other departures)

Valid:  31 Oct - 9 Nov 2020
(ask us for other departures)

  • A festive journey destined to delight travelers of all ages. . 

  • Discover the roots of our Christmas traditions as you explore some of Europe's most charming towns. Browse for unique ornaments in Basel's Christmas Market.Sip vin chaud as you stroll to Place Kleber to behold enormous, brillantly lighted tree that Strasbourg offers modern celebrants. See how the baroque town hall of Koblenz is transformed into an Advent calendar and find unexpected treasures in the red-roofed stalls clustered around Cologne's magnificent cathederal.

  • Savour tantalizing once-a-tear treats with Uniworld's "Taste of Christmas" program, including gingerbread, crepes with cinnamon and warm spiced wine. Revel in brightly painted carousels and handmade ornaments, medieval squares illuminated by twinkling lights, life-sized Nativity figures and jouful brass choirs.
  • Sail through castle-strewn hillsides and visit charming towns decked in holiday finery for a holiday season you will never forget

    VISITAmsterdam, Rotterdam, Cologne, Strasbourg, Basel & more!

UNIWORLD'S Rhine Holiday Markets 

8-day cruise aboard the S.S. Antoinette, including flights & taxes

Venice & the Gems of Northern Italy with Uniworld

Valid:  27 Nov – 6 Dec 2020
(ask us for other departures)

  • An immersive cultural tasting menu of four equally beguiling countries
  • Fresh takes on classic sites, insider knowledge of delightful under-the-radar locales, and VIP access to places only a privileged few will ever experience
  • A veritable showcase of the best of Central Europe
  • Private early-morning viewing of the acclaimed art collection of the Kunstkammer Vienna.
  • A veritable showcase of the best of Central Europe

VISIT: Budapest, Vienna, Melk, Linz, Passau and Prague!

UNIWORLD'S Enchanting Danube & Prague

10-day cruise & discovery along the Danube aboard the S.S. Maria Theresa

From only: R59 095 per person

Incl. flights & taxes 

Parisian Holiday Markets with Uniworld

Valid:  03 - 13 November 2018
(ask us for other departures)

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Parisian Holiday Markets with Uniworld

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  • Cruise along the Rhine—Germany on one side, France on the other. Discover Alsace, whose dual French and German heritage has given it fabulous food and a winemaking tradition that goes back to the Romans.
  • Marvel at castles that were once mighty fortresses and get an insider’s look at one of the only castles on the Rhine that has never been destroyed, Marksburg Castle.
  • Visit historic cities, including ancient Cologne and picturesque Strasbourg 
  • Romantics who love the picturesque and the historic will find medieval castles, splendid cathedrals and scenes that have inspired great poets, painters and composers alike.
    VISIT: Amsterdam, Cologne, Boppard, Basel & more!

UNIWORLD'S Castles along the Rhine

8-day cruise aboard the S.S Antoinette, including flights & taxes

Now only: R51 430 per person sharing


Valid:  31 Oct- 9 Nov 2020
(ask us for other departures)

Parisian Holiday Markets with Uniworld

Save: R9 400 pps

  • ·A journey that will make you believe in holiday magic all over again. . 
  • Discover villages with fairytale  houses and a friendly, festive atmosphere. Share traditional holiday goodies with the people who made them. Watch as modern children abandon their usual electronics and discover the enchantment of hand-carved wooden toys, as scents of cinnamon and roasting nuts fill the air.
  • Sail through Christmas country, trying Frankfurt's famous apple cider and Nuremberg's gingerbread. Throughout, cozy up to steaming mugs of gluhwein (warm spiced wine) and do as the locals do by collecting different mugs from each stall and town you visit. 
  • Embrace the holiday spirit in Germany, the land where many Christmas traditions began, and find the magic of the season in the smiles that you meet along the way.
  • VISIT: Frankfurt, Würzburg, Kitzingen, Bamberg, Nuremburg & more! 

UNIWORLD'S Classical Christmas Markets 

8-day cruise aboard the River Princess, including flights & taxes


Valid: 7 - 16 Dec 2020
(ask us for other departures)

Parisian Holiday Markets with Uniworld
Delightful Danube - Uniworld Boutique River Cruises
  • ·Uncover the proud legacy and heritage of Southwest France. 
  • Set sail along three stunning rivers, the Garonne, Dordogne and Gironde, on one fascinatingly historical and invigorating journey. 
  • Explore the country’s breathtaking backdrops, wines and cultural treasures across the region in Bordeaux, Fort Médoc, Cadillac, Blaye, Libourne and more. 
  • Wander through archaeological marvels, historic landmarks and magnificent vineyards where you’ll be treated to a sampling of quintessentially French experiences.
    VISIT: Bordeaux, Cadillac, Pauillac Lafayette, Libourne & more

UNIWORLD'S Brilliant Bordeaux

8-day cruise aboard the S.S. Bon Voyage, including flights & taxes


Valid: 31 Oct - 9 Nov 2020
(ask us for other departures)

Parisian Holiday Markets with Uniworld

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You deserve the best. 

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